Structural Web Process

  • A manufacturing process which combines inert gas (nitrogen) and a thermoplastic resin during the molding cycle
  • The nitrogen gas is injected into the mold through the nozzles or special gas ports
  • After injection into the mold the pressurized nitrogen bubble hollows out the part via a network or predetermined gas channels 
  • Creates a part with solid walls and hollow interior cavities
  • Improved surface finish vs structural foam molded parts 

Structural Web Process


The Structural Web Process provides most of the benefits that the Structural Foam Process provides, but also provides these additional benefits:

a) Freedom in Design The process allows for varying wall thicknesses and complex geometries while still providing structural performance and improved appearance.

b) Improved Surface Finish Parts have a smoother and more cosmetic appearance than other processes, and eliminates sink marks.

 c) Various colorants and textures can be molded in the part, eliminating the need for costly and environmentally sensitive painting processes.


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