Safety Initiatives:

Evacuation Drill

We conducted an evacuation drill on Wednesday September 25th. We observed the process and have some lessons learned from it that we are working to improve. I would like to thank the Service drivers that were on shift for following the evacuation process very well. You all shut your trucks down in the proper manner: forks on the ground, propane shut off and keys left in the ignition. I would like to thank those of you who alerted people that might not have heard the order to evacuate as she was proceeding outside.

Safety Vending Machines:

Recognizing we have had a number of challenges with our safety dispensing machine, our purchasing team has worked with our vendor to install new machines. This should improve the reliability and accurate supply of our various safety equipment for employees. The machines are being filled with supplies and the next step will be to get everyone programmed into the system so that we can use the machines.

Light Curtain:

There have been 2 scanners installed on M217 for a trial to see how they perform. The trial results will be reviewed so we can determine next steps and if additional machines will improve employee safety from the use of this feature. When fully capable, anyone breaking the beam for the light curtain would cause the machine to stop, thus protecting our employees.


In 2019 we have experienced an increase in the number of employees injuring themselves while using work knives. In fact, knife cuts are now our fourth highest safety incident category. Most of these unfortunate situations are preventable, by simply wearing the required PPE and keeping “mind on task”. As we want every employee to come to work and leave each day safely, we are reminding every employee, that if you have a knife in your hand, then “cut gloves” are required to be worn on both hands. Following this simple rule will help us all avoid unnecessary safety incidents and help be safe at work every day.

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