Welcome to our new employee intranet portal! As we continue to improve our communication within our facility, we look forward to some feedback from you to help us understand the types of information you are interested in receiving. You may provide this feedback to our HR team, your supervisor or anyone else on the leadership team directly.

It’s been a very challenging month for us. However, we are making some good progress on a few important opportunities;

215 – was planned to be taken down to replace worn screws with a new design that would help to increase our plastic flow and reduce our cycle on the machine to improve our cost position on our #1 product line – Lattice. We did unfortunately have some challenges while executing the project and were only able to change out the screw on the front of the machine. The machine is now back in service and we plan on completing the work in the near future. We have been able to produce our July UPF requirements through lattice repacks and utilizing M/C 212 to substitute. We are tracking to deliver on our August requirements.

210 – Danby 2dr – HPI and Danby have taken a collaborative approach to resolving our quality issues on the new Parcel Box product line and have decided to move to using a light grey material. As a result, we have been able to stop spray coating the product and improve our output from 27 units per shift to over 100 units per shift. This has been a big win for us! 

– From a cycle prospective the team has been focused on improving our performance to standard overall and has seen some success on non-UFP cycle going from a few % points higher than our standard range last month to within our allowable standard range this month. The team will still have some work to do on standard cycle for UFP through August but are anticipating some significant improvement with the planned machine enhancements IE. New screw and barrel.

Scrap – Our scrap generated over the month was relatively consistent from last month with a slight up tick on UFP. We are a few % points over target on non-UFP but are expecting that to come down with the recent win on Danby 2dr and the programs scheduled over the next month. While our process teams continue to work to improve our machine/processing performance, it’s paramount that we are recording the scrap data we are producing at the machine centers in Real Time (IQMS). Recording scrap in our system helps us to better understand the problems we are having with our production runs. This will allow us to make good decisions on how to fix them moving forward. If we don’t have good data it becomes difficult to pinpoint what to work on next. Let’s help ourselves, let’s stay focused on accurate scrap reporting.

Part Weight – Our part weight for both UFP and non-UFP alike have been consistently on target over the past two months. Thank you for your focus here.

OTD – Our customer On Time Delivery (OTD) remains strong and even with our challenges we are maintaining our 100%OTD for UFP and non-UFP product lines.

Safety – From a Safety perspective we have seen the total number of incidents reduced to 17 so far this month down from 22 around this time last month. However, we had a major incident where an employee lost the tip of his finger working on M/C 215 and another employee received a shock working on M/C 204. Back in my previous life we talked a lot about observing the “2-minute safety rule”.

It works like this;

Two-Minute Rule

Thinking the job is routine and simple
Not talking about precautions with your team
Believing nothing bad can happen

The Two-Minute Rule simply requires everyone to take time before starting a job to review the immediate work environment to identify conditions that might present a safety risk or challenge to execute the work.

A brief review of the work environment allows you the time to detect abnormalities and/or hazards. You can also include talking to other employees familiar with work or your supervisor during this review. 

If problems are not detected, performance can suffer, and injuries and errors can occur. The 2-minute rule is there as a first line of defense in and error and event free work environment. After some consistent practice of the 2-Minute Rule over time it will become cultural and you won’t have to think about remembering to use it. It will be become inherent in your safe work practices here at HPI and at home.

Thank you for all you do!


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