The Engineering/ Maintenance team have a few projects on the go for the month of August.

The first project involves machine 211. We are running trials to see if we can get standard privacy privacy lattice to work on a 1000 Ton press. The purpose is to run 4 sheets of privacy in a thinner version, hence a lighter part. This would also provide us with some cost savings if it can be achieved.

The second project we are working on is the elimination of the north plant chiller system. The North Plant Chiller elimination project has been approved and will be commencing during shutdown as well. In order to save on chilled water costs, plumbing was installed to connect the south plant chilled water system to the north plant. Due to insufficient pressure at the north plant, a new pump and new supply lines will be installed.

The final project is the summer shutdown. Summer shutdown will be taking place the week of August 4th to August 10th. Monday August 5th is a statutory holiday and the entire plant will be closed. On Tuesday August 6th, the power will be down for the entire facility in order to complete the Substation Maintenance/Testing. The approximate timelines to complete this is as follows:

Transformer #1 – Shipping/Receiving (Office area) – 7AM-12PM
Transformer #3A/3B – N/E (Double Station) – 8AM-2PM
Transformer #4 – (S/W) – 11AM-4PM

During the shutdown, there will be no production on the Sunday and Tuesday evenings. The maintenance and setup groups will be running on their normal shifts.

We will also have a contractor in to perform the tower and chiller repairs that are required, along with any PM’s that need to be done. Another contractor will be in to perform the annual PM’s on our air compressors and dryers.

Finally, we will have a contractor in to inspect and certify the crane and lifting devices that we have.

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