Upcoming Safety Initiatives:

People Walkways: The ergonomics and safety infrastructure team are working to plan the installation of a pedestrian walkway, further separating forklift and people traffic. The walkway, running from machine 210 through 215 is being planned during the Christmas break in December.

Safety Vending Machines: Recognizing we have had a number of challenges with our safety dispensing machine, our purchasing team is working with our vendor to install a new one. This should improve the reliability and accurate supply of our various safety equipment for employees. The installation is planned for September.

Winter Heaters: Work is planned for the repair/replacement of several heaters in the buildings in time for the arrival of the cold weather later this fall. We will keep you posted on these developments.

Safety Office Just to let everyone know that Ron Munns has relocated his office and is now located in the office beside the first aid room.

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